Yanis El-Masri has composed music in various genres including contemporary classical, jazz, rock and avant-garde electronic. 

He studied in Moscow Conservatory in Russia with Tatiana Chudova, Yuri Vorontsov and Roman Ledenyov, and later with Evgueni Zoudilkine in Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal.

Complete list of works

String Quartet No. 1

String Quartet No. 2

Eurabia (for piano and oud)

Van Gogh Paintings (for 4 flutes and vibraphone)

Vocalise (for mezzo-sopranO, oud and piano)

Piano Cylce (2 pieces for solo piano)

Music for Six Musicians (for string quartet, contrabass and piano)

Dreams, Miracles and Time (for orchestra)

RISE (for solo piano, saxophone, rock band and large string orchestra)

BLOQ OST (for string quartet, clarinet and piano)

A Mind Sang OST (for orchestra)

Tastes Like Pork... (for jazz band with 2 voices)

Ascending (ambient electronic)

WALK (experimental soundscape electronic)

Apartment LP (progressive art-punk album by Good Day MACHINE)


Published works, recordings and demos are available on YouTube.

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